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​I loved the movie.  I thought it was very poignant. The stories of each of the people profiled had a lesson to be shared.  I took away a lot of motivational and inspirational lessons form this movie and I really want to have a copy for my very own library.

- Annette

​Whiskey & Apple Pie made me feel hopeful!

- Saratoga Balantine

I’ve seen “Whiskey and Apple Pie” twice and hope to see it again soon. It’s a terrific, inspirational movie!

- Kate Goddard Viret

​The irony is that when you are young you have many more opportunities and less responsibility but you do not have the wisdom of age. And as you get older you gain wisdom but you do not have as much time left to use what you have learned and use the wisdom.

- Anne Marie Larkin

It was awesome!  ​The message about who you are to others is profound.  In this world where technology is heightened we lose the social connection.

- Denise Mongeau

I absolutely love your movie! It brings tears - and rightfully so. It’s meaningful, beautiful, enjoyable, enduring, and just plain “feel good”. Thanks for what YOU have created!!

- Deborah Myers

What I love about it is that it highlights a generation that will not be with us for very much longer. It is the connection with people that really touched my heart.

- Lenore Marshall Beebe

None of these people were old in my book!

- Melissa-Canady